Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Point of No Return

Dirty freaks,
Dirt, shame, disgust,

To how much I nauseate you,
With what I am,
What I truly feel,
You feel sick, drowned in agony.

Bring on your deadly weapon of humiliation ,
Your sickening act of disrespect,
Shallow courtesy,
Losing your balance of wisdom,
You don't commit what you preach..

People say, what goes around come around,
as much I'm a mirror to you,
The dung you throw at me will as much hits you in the FACE..
The more you hate me, the more you hate yourself,
The more you want to kill me, the more you feel like committing suicide..

This is a place of no return,
What you do today will do you tomorrow,
I'm a dirt but I eat it all up,
Cos I know myself,
I'm the freak that doesn't choose 
I just consider,
The cleanest spot I can find in the chaos,
And I know your soul doesn't belong there,
It's me myself, myself, my soul....

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