Friday, June 3, 2011

my's grumbling even worse than a grievance

here's what i've got to say...

from that moment on,
i know you would be the one,
a friend to look up to,
someone i adore,
someone i can call a friend,
someone i feel i can talk to,
someone i know who knows best,
someone's good inside out..

i disregarded what's blocking me,
i diminished with my forced energy whatever gets in my way,
i destructed my inferiority with my supermasive detemination,
to get it all to better it all,
i consumed my anxiety 
i constrained my doubts
just to believe in you that you are the best of all

every minute with you was a blessing,
everytime you were here made me smile,
every absence of yours made the world go round,
laughter, joy, jokes, tears, anger, fear and ambitions,
you blended it all well...
and that's what tasted unspoken-ably words to describe...

but here you go, that was a WAS not IS NOW...
why do you look at me so cheap in your eyes,
why can't you see me,
why can't you pay respect to me,
why and i need an answer......................

remember this day that whatever happens one day you will realize no one prays hardest for you but me......and you would know that when the world comes crashing down......

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