Saturday, June 4, 2011

Inside out/blackout

This is me...
I am not as weak nor as pathetic as you think i am..

I am a creature with a hidden agenda. Agenda you do not know and for you to find out...

Have i stunned you lately that i am about to make your world upside down?

Are you scared now?, perhaps not but a little,a little pain can grow a big injury and leaving you with a scar you will never forget....

I have the power,i have the mechanism of making it work,
I will shock you,threaten you with my somewhat ambition and vision you will never get to imagine...
Because it is what i have i my mind
To let you know that i'm about to leave you thinking what i am capable of
And for you to always know
I'm not as weak nor pathetic as you think I am

I always know i have it in me
I just can't let it all out
Because you were there to block it
And now i'm here to break the walls
Yes,the walls..
The walls you built long time ago
And now i'm breaking it
And it's for you to count your fate and see where it lies...

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